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Roof Replacement

Anyone can pick up a ladder and a hammer and call themselves a roofer, but only a professional roof replacement company can promise exceptional results—and deliver on that promise time and time again! At Green Star Home Remodeling, we’re a locally owned business with over 25 years of industry experience. In an industry that’s not typically known for honesty or integrity, we set a new bar for roofing in Louisville. 

More than just a roof replacement company, we’ll serve as your partner in guiding you toward a more beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient home exterior. To ensure 100% satisfaction with every roof replacement, we promise:

  • Manufacturer-Trained Roofing Crews
  • Knowledgeable Product Specialists
  • Proper Licensing and Insurance
  • Factory-Direct Pricing with Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Attractive Financing Options
  • Remarkable Long-Term Warranties

Licensed Louisville Roof Replacement Contractor

At Green Star Home Remodeling, we know that roof replacement is a big responsibility, and it’s not one that we’ll ever take lightly! Instead of simply replacing the shingles on your roof, we take a holistic approach that covers every component necessary for total weather protection.

Your Louisville roof replacement system will include:

  • Leak Barriers: Many roofing contractors install three-foot leak barriers, but ours are six feet long! These durable rubber barriers work to defend your roof from ice and water.
  • Deck Protectors: Our deck protectors create a moisture-resistant roof that’s still breathable, and they help prevent the buckling and warping that can result from other underlayment materials.
  • Ventilation: Poor ventilation can lead to significant problems like ice dams, premature roof decay, rotted decking, mold, and energy waste. We install custom-fitted, full-length hip-and-ridge vents to eliminate these concerns.
  • Specialized Shingles: Our shingles are anything but one-size-fits-all! We use special starter shingles to help waterproof eaves and lay the foundation for success. Our “normal” shingles are also thicker, heavier, and wind rated. 

What’s the bottom line?

Thanks to our commitment to our customers, you can rest assured that your new roof will be a complete system, designed and fitted precisely to your home in Louisville. We also offer expert gutter replacement services to further extend the viable lifetime of your home exterior. 

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